Elen I would love to say you are an angel came to me from God. You are absolutely grateful person who loves to help from deep of the heart. When I started with homeopathy I was skeptic because of the old bad experience. Then I got a good results of my Thyroid after 3 years of taking synthetic thyroid hormone. She is helping me to change my life and accompany my steps and support me with care and love. Thausand thanks my dear Elen.

Dina Chalabi, Dubai, UAE.


Elen Harthy is amazing, professional and very knowlegible. She helped my kids with eczema that passed with no trace at all!!! It works 100%!!! Thank you Elen for your incredible attention and love!!!

Isabella V. Oakville, ON


One of the most amazing and wonderful practitioners in the field!!!
Great results!!! Simply Amazing!!!

Alexei C.



Elen: i wanted to let you know how much I am appreciating your help as my Homeopath. Your attention to listening and noting details about helping me deal with my emotional issues is greatly appreciated. At 73 I have a number of embedded childhood beliefs that are needing release and updating thanks to your attention. Your willingness to acknowledge the release of your own hidden beliefs is very encouraging. And write a review on how it is to be my patient. Like u said how insightful I feel you are helping me to go through my issue to resolve them and put me on track to be my empowered self. If anyone wants to chat with me, let me know. And, just being in your presence feels like healing.

Ronald Tabachnick , Torono, ON.


I have known Dr. Elen for almost 18 years now, she helped me a lot during the years however in the past 3 years her help to me through homeopathy exceeded all limits, I had Hashimoto (thyroid issues), gained lots of weight and had sever depression. When Elen introduced me to homeopathy and her way of healing I rejected the whole idea,  nevertheless with her smooth,  persuasive and convincing way I agreed to start with her and also she became my Little’s girl homeopathic doctor and since then we only refer to her in all cases of sickness. I want to confirm now that I have no longer any thyroid issues, I lost 18Kgs and my depression is history. 

Thank you my friend for all that you have done to me as well to my family. 


Maha Al Naber 

Dubai , UAE

My Patient Franca was attending the movie magic pill with me and gave such an amazing testimony for her anxiety case: https://www.facebook.com/MagicPillsMovie/videos/719705045064643/://www.facebook.com/MagicPillsMovie/videos/719705045064643/
Franca Posillini
Woodbridge, ON

Highly recommend!!!! I have known Elena for few years now, and her knowledge/expertise helped me contain and heal my acid reflux problem that I had for years.
She's beyond gifted and experienced. 

Ivana. T

Toronto, ON