Treat Autism & Vaccine Injury Naturally


Specializing in detox & viral elimination. 
I treat autism & vaccine injury safely & naturally with a thorough, hand-holding service.

 I treat autism along with associated conditions:

  • Regression after vaccination [loss of speech, eye contact etc].

  • Metal toxicity & medication side effects.

  • Bacterial & viral infections: Staph, clostridia, HHV6, Lyme, Bartonella, etc

  • Aggression, headbanging, PICA, and ‘stemming’.

  • Adrenal fatigue & liver weakness after chelation therapies.

  • Allergies & leaky gut.  Constipation & incontinence.

  • Anxiety, panic attacks & OCD.

  • PANDAS, PANS, ADHD & Lyme.

  • Sleep & hormone imbalances such as hypothyroidism & adrenal fatigue.

    Causes of autism

       The following factors can play a part:

  • Vaccine damage: where parents report that their child’s problems began or became worse after vaccination.

  • Medications can trigger some of the conditions associated with autism: like steroids, taken for conditions such as asthma, eczema or repeat infections.  Repeated courses of antibiotics can impact on mental & overall health and precede ‘regression’.

  • Emotional stress: bereavement, transitions, and traumas can all add to autistic symptoms. These factors can also lead to hormone disruption.

  • Genetics: a family predisposition when exposed to triggers like stress, toxins, vaccination, medications, & bacteria, etc. Mutations like MTHFR.

  • Toxin accumulation: via vaccination, from the environment because of an inability to detoxify the body adequately [made worse by issues like MTHFR snps.]

  • Unusual susceptibility to Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi & Parasites: ie, PANDAS [Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorder Associated with Streptococcal infection], HHV6 etc … due to a weakness of the immune system, breach of the blood-brain barrier & leaky gut

  • Autism Treatment:

  • To treat autism naturally your homeopathic treatment plan will be tailored to you, depending on likely causes of your condition & the state of your health:

  • Classical Homeopathy: using the ‘totality’ remedy that matches your child completely.

  • Detoxifying with homeopathic remedies: This can be detoxing toxins or a medication/vaccine that originally triggered the condition using homeopathic detox methods similar to CEASE, but faster acting & tailored to sensitivity.

  • Homeopathic remedies for healing damage to the gut, bowel, mitochondria, & neurological system.

  • Homeopathic Nosodes: used to overcome viruses, bacteria, yeasts, & parasites

  • Homeopathic organ support: to support detox and repair organs where there is for example liver and adrenal weakness, especially after chelation treatments.