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يلين الحارثي ، بكالوريوس هوميوباثي

طبيب هوميوباثي مسجل

Elen Harthy,B.A,DHMHS,HOM

حصلت إيلين الحاارثي على شهادتها في الطب الهوميوباثي من كلية أونتاريو للطب الهوميوباثي  في تورنتو ، أونتاريو. إلين هي طبيبة طب تكاملي مسجلة لدى كلية الطب الهوميوباثي في أونتاريو ، http://www.collegeofhomeopaths.on.ca. بصفتها معالجًا في الطب الهوميوباثي ، في الطب المثلي الكلاسيكي..

في الممارسة الخاصة لعدة سنوات ، تعمل الين تعمل الين مع المرضى لتحديد ومعالجة جذر المشكلة. يتعامل الطب الهوميوباثي مع الشخص بأكمله ، وقد تم تصميم أي علاج ليكون فعالًا ولكن لطيفًا ، مع تجنب أي مؤشرات مضادة مع العلاجات الأخرى أو الأدوية التقليدية التي قد يتناولها المريض. إلين متخصصة في الطب الهوميوباثي ، والتغذية ، واستشارات أسلوب الحياة. تعزز تجربتها و قدرتها على إدارة مشاكل الخصوبة والحمل والولادة وتربية الأطفال الأصحاء

امت الين بتنشئة اطفالها باستخدام الهوميوباثي لا غير منذ الصغر. جميع الامراض الطفولة قامت بمعالجتها باستخدام ادوية الهوميوباثي .

اكتسبت إيلين خبرة واسعة في علاج أمراض الطفولة ، مثل الإكزيما والتهاب الأذن الوسطى ومشاكل السلوك والتهاب الشعب الهوائية والالتهاب الرئوي والربو والحساسية واضطراب فرط الحركة ونقص الانتباه والتوحد على سبيل المثال لا الحصر..

تؤمن إلين بنموذج شامل للرعاية الصحية قائم على النظام التكاملي للجسم ويتمحور حول المريض

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My Story

When my son broke up with eczema at 6 months, I did not know what to do. It started when I began to introduce solid foods to him. At some point, he had red cracked skin over most of his body and his chubby little fingers would scratch and scratch when I would change his clothes. There is just something heart- breaking about a baby scratching. After a visit to the Pediatrician who recommended steroids to suppress eczema, I knew I need to find a natural alternative. I looked into Homeopathy for help, and it saved my son and my family. The way it worked amazed me; within few minutes my son stopped itching, and his batches started to disappear within a week. What strikes me with Homeopathy is that unlike diet and supplements it was fast, gentle and permanent.

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Following this positive experience, I also turned to homeopathy when conventional medicine failed to resolve my sub-clinical under-active thyroid gland. The recommendation from my endocrinologist was to wait and see. I did not like this prospect and I did not want to have to take thyroxin hormones, in tablets form, for the rest of my life, so I consulted a homeopath. It started a year after my second child was born. I had all classical hypo symptoms and my FT3 were out of range, but my FT4 were low but within  the range and my TSH was normal. So conventional medicine had no solution for me. I was feeling horrible all the time, very irritable, I was lashing out at my children in every possible occasion. I  also had muscle ache and for the first time in my life, I had problems to lose weight. My hair was dry and falling in a handful, as my iron storage was very low. I also found out that I had fibroids and some kidney damage. On the emotional level, I was depressed and feeling down most of the time. I consulted a Homeopath, within a short period of time, my blood tests showed an increase of thyroid hormones (free T4/T3) until their level came back within optimum range. My thyroid to this day  behaves impeccably without the help of any drugs or further homeopathic remedies. Homeopathy has helped me mentally, emotionally and physically. It has restored my health and reversed the damage that has been done to my organs. That was enough for me to know that it is what I want to do for the rest of my life. 

By this stage, I was already treating my own children successfully with homeopathy so I decided to undertake the 3 years of study and training to become a homeopath. Till today I raise my kids solely with homeopathy and traditional food. I refused to use antibiotics and other chemicals on my children. Homeopathy is the gentle and safe health care that I chose for my family.


Chronic Conditions:

Speak of mental, emotional and/or physical conditions that are slower in their onset, less immediate in intensity, longer in duration and more encompassing of the body as a whole.

Acute Conditions:

Speak of mental, emotional and/or physical conditions that are quick in their onset, marked in intensity, yet of limited duration and more localized to specific area(s) of the body.